Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Formal!!!

Hey guys! I just got back from the Formal and it was great! They decorated the gym to look like a real winter wonderland, with white fluff on the edges of the dance floor, and paper snowflakes hanging from the celling. it was really nice getting to know Anthony. he's a really nice guy, a little nerdy, but he has a sweet heart. he got me a corsage and everything! it was so sweet. and, Arron and Jake confessed that they have had crushes on Meghan and Tabitha since November. we all had a ton of fun dancing, and when they played Don't Stop Belivein' the whole choir went to the front and started singing! it was tons of fun! I won't tell you about Mia, she is going to update her blog when I'm done

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dress Shopping

we had a snow day today so Meghan, Tabitha and I went dress shopping! we origonally were just going to use dresses we had, but then we all got dates, so we decided to get new dresses. we tried to get Mia to come, but she wouldn't. I hope she decides just to suck it up and go, date or no date. but Iam not going to put it past her.... she claims there is somone she wants to go with, but he hasn't asked yet. I told her she should just ask him, but she dosen't like that idea much. but it's getting down to the line, the dance is tomorrow night. anyway, we went to the mall dress shopping and had so much fun! we spent ages in every store, pouring over every dress and trying on the ones we liked, and the ones we thought were funny or hidous, just for the fun of it. it ended up being really hard to choose, but Tabitha got a pink short sleeved  knee lingth dress, Meghan got a royal blue mid shin lingth dress with sheer long sleves. i finally settled on a floor linght purple dress with spagetti straps and a layered V neck. it looks soo pretty!

Monday, January 10, 2011

oh. my. gosh.

I got asked to the Winter Formal!! so did Meghan and Tabitha!! i got asked by a boy named Anthony. he is in my Science and English classes. he is quieter, but seems really nice. Meghan and Tabitha actually got asked out by Arron and Jake!! yep, when they said they had girls in mind, they actually said it to the girls they wanted to go with! now we all have dates. I'm going with Anthony, Meghan is going with Arron, Tabitha is going with Jake, and Kade is going with Alexis. the only person i am worred about is Mia. she said she would think about going stag with us, but since we are no longer going stag, unless she get's a date, she won't go. she says there is a person she wouldn't mind going with, but that he is also the type who would probably have a girlfriend. I told her that you never know, maybe that girlfriend he looks like he should have, is really her in a week! but she dosen't seem to belive me.........


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Formal

Hey guys! today was our first day back at school, and they announced that they have decided to hold a Winter Formal! in the announcements today, our Co-Principal took over for announcements and told us about it, but, of course, he did the whole "we wern't sure about encourging boy-girl relatons like this, but we decided that you would enjoy it." he needs to loosen up. but at lunch, of course we were talking about it. Kade is obvously going with Alexis, and Jake and Arron said that they have girls in mind they want to ask, so Tabitha, Meghan and I decided to go stag together. that is, if we don't get asked out by then. i am just planning on going alone. not that i wouldn't necessarly say no to anyone who asks, but i can't think of anyone who actually would want to go with me.


Monday, January 3, 2011

poor Lanie!

hey guys, Lanie has had a really bad day, and i feel really bad for her. Lanie just got news today that is is retired. she hadn't realized it and is now really upset. later this afternoon, she got a phone call, this is what i heard

"I will have to think about it, thank you"

at this point, she was holding back tears that came spilling out as soon as she hung up.
"what's wrong?" all of us girls asked
sniffle "m-my family d-d-died"

"What happened?!"

"they were in a c-c-car crash"

"Lanie! that's horrable!"
"oh, Lanie i am sooo sorry for you!"
"they said i have a choice, i can go and live with my aunt Hannah, or i can be adopted by you guys. I told them i have to think about it. they also said that my father didn't die on impact, he died this morning, and when he knew he was going to go, he wrote me a letter that should be here in a few days."

then she went up to her bed and sobbed. we let her go, she needed to be alone for a while.

like Lanie said, the letter will be here in a few days, and when she decides what she is doing, i will update you.


P.S. my profile was changed to Dolldiva so that Mia could have a blog and not have to make another account. Dolldiva is Meline. Mia's blog is: