Me and My Sisters

Brooklyn Paige Matthews
I am 14 years old and go to Follow Your Inner Star Academy. I am a MyAG doll #47. I love to Sing, Hang out with my Friends and Sisters, and Blog.

Josie  Marie Montoya
My Punk Petal sister. she dresses like a punk rocker, but acts like anyone but. she loves dressing punk, Mexican Dancing, and being green. she attends FYISA. age 13

Amanda Joy Stephans
age 13: The diva actress, JLY #5,  she is prone to throwing diva tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants. that's why she studies drama at Follow your Inner Star Academy
Felicity Merriman
age 11: The Daredevil. she will do all things adventurous. while she is adventurous, she refuses to wear pants, must always wear a dress or skirt, unless she is wearing her spy costume for the movie she is in.

Lanie Faith Holland
up until recently, Lanie wasn't actually our sister, she was an exchange student who goes to GGA with Josefina. she loves nature, and technology. age 12

Amelia Emberlyn Fae St'Clair
Mia is my newest sister, she is a figure skater and goes to FYISA with me. she is 15 and has a blog of her own.

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