Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jelous? of Me?

I can't believe it, but apparently, the real reason Amanda was cold to me was because she was JEALOUS. she was jealous of Meline's time! up until i came, she was the only modern JLY/MAG doll Meline owned, and to add to it, she was the only straight haired doll, with out pin curls, so she felt that with me coming, with my straight hair, and besides the fact of being new, Meline would put aside her and her dreams of becomming an actress, for me, and my dreams of becomming a singer. I told her that Meline would never forget her, she was the first JLY and was bought at an AGP. no girl fogets about the doll she bought at the AGP! after that we realized we could be pretty good friends, and we are going to try and do a music video together. hopefully one that kinda describes our relationship. :D

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


hey guys! today was my first day of school! it was pretty exciting, because not only was it my first day at innerstar u. it was my first day of high school! pretty scary huh? Although, i must say, knowing Tabitha made it a whole lot easier. this is my class schedule:

1st period: Algebra 1
2ed period: Spanish
3rd period: English
4th peroid: Lunch
5th Peroid: History
6th Peroid: Gym
7th peroid: Chorus

there are somethings i like about this scedulde, some things i don't. I like that Algebra is first because then i get it over and done with each day. and i like that gym is near the end of the day, but i don't like that it is right before gym. luckly, it is an all girls school, so they do girler activites for those who want to. well, it is getting kinda late, so i guess i will go. i can tell you more about the actual classes tomorrow.


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