Sunday, August 29, 2010

Orintation, and a New Friend

Hey there! it's Brooklyn i meant to blog about this Friday afternoon, but i have been so busy because of birthday parties. so on Friday morning it was orientation at innerstar u for all the freshman. they have a middle school too, but i am going to be a freshman, so obviously, i am in the high school (scary) so I was at freshman orientation, and i was kinda lost, cuz i apparently am the only new girl, at least as far as i could tell. so i was kinda alone until i, in the process of being lost, bumped into another girl. "sorry" i said. "it's OK" she replied. "hi I'm Tabitha" she said, sticking out her hand. "Brooklyn" i replied taking the hand. "are you new here?" she asked. "yeah, i am new to the whole area, not just the school" "so you just moved here?" "you could say that" I answered her. "oh, well i can show you arround, just to, ya know, help you through, though we are kinda learning together, being freshman and all"  She said with a giggle. "sure, i'd like that"  i replied. then we rejoined the rest of the tour.  i think this friendship has the potental to be very great.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Farewell, Felicity

well that could've been worse

what am I talking about, in no way could telling my sister she was being retired be any worse. why i had to be the one to tell her, i don't get, i barely know her. but let me start at the beginning

i was wandering around the American girl website this morning when i came upon the Felicity page.right in the middle of the page was a little heart that said "Soon We'll say Farewell to Felicity" I told my sisters -Amanda, Josefina and Lanie, and for some reason they voted me. "we need someone who will let her down gently" Josefina said. "well I am out. why should i tell her, i am kinda happy she is being retired, then maybe she will not be in my face about the movie anymore" Amanda said with a smirk. "besides, I'm not retired." she flipped her hair and stood up to leave." Lanie corrected her "well actually Amanda, JLY# 5 has been retired for over a year. so  you are really old news." "What?!?" Amanda gasped. "you heard what she said Amanda" i answered her. "shut up you newbie!" she said angerly hurrying out of the room as she said it. "harsh" Lanie replied to Amanda's comment. there is still something up with her. "OK we still need to figure out who gets to tell her" Josefina started back on the Felicity issue. "we could all tell her together" I suggested. "yeah, but that could overwhelm her. this is a job for a single person. Brooklyn, since you are the one who discovered it, you should be the one to tell her." why can't Melody do it?" I asked. "because she is the human, this is a job for the dolls. all in favor of Brooklyn telling Felicity about her archival say I" Josefina said "I" Josefina and Lanie chorused. so i didn't' really have a choice. a few minutes later, Felicity walked in, still wearing her costume. Josefina sent me a "good luck" glance as she left the room. "where are they going?" Felicity asked. "i don't know, somewhere. uh, Lissie, i have to show you something." "OK sure what is it?" i opened my computer and pulled up the page with the evil little heart. I saw Felicity's face melt as she read the words on the page. burst out crying and ran out of the room. Beth from the Just me Again Down here Blog is right. AG should donate that heart to some needy kid instead of having it on Felicity and Elizabeth's page! My heart reaches out to all you Felicity's and Elizabeth's out there.

The Secret Reveled!

I have discovered the Secret! Apparently Amanda is a huge Diva! she is playing a boy in a movie and really didn't like it because Felicity got the part she wanted, and Josefina and Lanie got parts too. Girl parts. and Amanda is the one who is an Actress/model so of course she got jealous, and insecure and suspicious. so when Melody announced that they were adopting me, and that i was a singer she got worried that i would "steal her storm" because i was going to go to eather my school, Innerstar U or her school, Eliza Starr school of the Arts. apperently, after it was decided that i would go to Innerstar U, she warmed up a little bit, but is still icy, and no one knows why. i sense there is more to this story, but we will have to wait and see what becomes of my relationship with Amanda

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Secret

When i first met my new family, Amanda was a little Icy and Josefina said she would fill me in later. it sounds as if there is a family secret. i will have to do some more digging but when i do, if i can, i will update you on this mysterous secret

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Innerstar University

Hey Guys! i recently discovered that my new school, Innerstar University, has a virtual world for students at all of their campuses across the US! my online student ID is Brooklyn43 if you also attend innerstar u and have an account let me know and we can be friends!

that's all for now!

P.S. i haven't actually started school yet, i just got my innerstar u online codes with my new student guide a few days ago. school dosn't start until the  September 1st

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Home, New Family, New Blog

Hi there! My name is Brooklyn Matthews. I decided to start this blog since i have a new family and school, as a place to sort my thoughts as my life is changing so dramatically. you see, my mom died from cancer in April. then then this June, my dad and I were  in a car accident and he died. :'o so i was staying with social services for a while till they found a family willing to adopt me. Just recently, i was adopted by the Stephans family. they have 3 other girls who are also adopted. they are Josefina age 13, Amanda age 13 and Felicity age 11. they also have an exchange student from Boston MA and her name is Lanie (she is 12) I am an up and coming singer, Just after my mom died, I participated in my school's 8th grade talent show and won, singing a song i wrote about my mom. and i am going to be attending a private school called Innnerstar University. It is not an actual university, it is just a very elite school for girls that helps them discover their inner star and letting it shine. well, i think i have rambled on enough for today. so bye!