Monday, November 29, 2010


OH. MY. GOSH! I got the duet!!!! the song is "Wouldn't Change a Thing" from Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. and best of all, guess who I get to do it with?!? Kade!!! it is soo cool! I am super excited!! we need lots of pratice, particularlly me, because i love that song and i am used to singing both parts by myself. so now, when we pratice it, i start to sing Kade's part with him, which i am not supposed to do. but i am still super excited!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chior Compititon

Hey there! I was so excited about being in the movie that i forgot to tell you about my choir competition! We didn't place :( we got 5th. but that is still high enough to go to the next round. we didn't know that we were supposed to have soloists and duets for our compition but now we do so we are working on picking people to do those. I got the Girl's Solo! I am going to sing the same song I used to audtion. it is the one i wrote about my mom "Never Forget"  they also have a boy's solo, a girl's duet, a boy's duet and a boy/girl duet. Meghan and another girl, Angela got the girl's duet and Kade and Arron got the boy's duet and a boy named Christopher got the Solo. Monday Mrs. Yati is going to announce who gets to do the boy/girl duet. i kinda hope i get to do it, but i don't want to be selfish, i alredy have the solo. the next compititon is  December 19. i am really excited! Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Exciting News!

Ok, as you may or may not know, my sisters are all in a movie. the soft title for the movie is Codename: Aleah. my sister Felicity is playing Aleah, and Amanda is a boy named Jonathan, Josefina was the Evil Queen and Lanie is the Maid. but, the girl who played the princess got fired, so they asked Josefina to play the part. and then they asked me to be the Queen! i am going to be in a movie!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Hey! Again, i am sorry for not posting in so long, i have been soo busy with school and friends. Arron, Jake and Kade have kinda joined our group. and Kade and I are bbecoming really good friends, though i haven't told him i have a crush on him yet. honestly, i don't want to make it awkward, and since i don't really want to date, (wayyy to much drama for my taste)being friends is perfectly  fine. Also, a bunch of the boy's joined the Chorus in my school, Kade included! now the Innerstar Acadmey Chorus is Eligable to enter in compititions! our first one is on Saturday. We are Singing "Do a Deer" from the Sound of Music. Mrs. Yati, our director picked that one because of all the diffrent parts for boys and girls.   in other news, Josefina has become punk. she is now making everyone call her Josie, and has taken to wearing punk looking clothes. but at the same time, she still likes going to GGA and doing her Mexican dancing. It is kinda strange, because she also wants to get highlights and a cartlige pircing. (she also want's a nose pircing, but she said she is kinda scared to do that)