Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lots of Updates!!

Hi Guys!!! sorry it's been so long. I forgot to post after the talent show and I've been really busy with school. seeing as there's only about a month left, we are all working really hard to get it all done. Anyhow, backing up to the Talent Show, I didn't win (a girl i didn't know did, she's a dancer) but i got an extra oncore of my song, to honor my mom. it was really nice. and if you were wondering about Mia, she's fine now. now FYISA is going to host a Spring Fling dance on May 13th. it seems like the Winter Formal was last week and now it's time for a Spring Fling. for a school that was hesitant to merge genders, they sure are hosting dances. (although, of course they wouldn't dare do a prom for the older grades ;)


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