Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas Everyone! hope you all had great Christmasses. i got a new Laptop and a New sister for christmas!! the Laptop is Purple with black, turquise, dark purple, sliver and green stars on it with a B in the middle. so now i am blogging to you from that. I also got a new sister! her name is Mia. she is a Figure Skater. she came yesterday morning and when Meline took our picture with our presents, Mia snuck out from behind the tree to be in the picture, and when Meline showed us, we saw her and she came out and gave us all hugs.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lots of Updates!

Hey Guys! sorry i haven't been blogging lately, but with Christmas and our choir competition, i just haven't found the time. first things first. I am over Kade. he and I are still great friends, and that is exactly how it is going to stay. I like being friends with him and i don't really need a boyfriend so yeah. in other news........ we got third place at our Competition! everyone sounded great, it all went off without a hitch and we even did well in the final part where they gave us a song and gave us two hours to do something with it. our song was "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree"  and it turned out really good since we only had two hours to work on it. our next competition is January 23. we are going to work really hard and try to jump up to second. we are keeping the soloists and duets, but we are changing the songs. we haven't picked the songs we are going to use yet because after the competition, Mrs. Yati let us have a fun week and all we sang was Christmas Carols. we will be deciding the songs after we get back from break i will be sure to let you know.
Merry Christmas!!

P.S. Would you guys rather i do my posts as though you are in the moment like many other blogs i read? or do you like the way i do it now? if you wouldn't mind telling me in the comments to "Change" or "Stay" i would really appcerate it

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Kade has a Girlfriend?!?!

yeah, you read right. Kade has a girlfriend. her name is Alexis. Kade introduced her to me today at school. now she is hanging out with us. she's not that bad, she is a cheerleader, but not a super stuckup one like most. i think i could grow to like her