Tuesday, October 12, 2010

hey there! sorry i couldn't post about this yesterday, but my computer kept freezing. so here is what happened at my first day of Follow Your Innerstar Academy:

Tabitha and Meghan and I all walked into the auditorium where we were instructed to go at the beginning of school. then Principle Monra came up and announced her new co-principle Mr.Mokla. he of corse said a few words along the lines of "we are so happy that Follow your star acadmey could partner with Innerstar U. this will be a momentus day" though it was longer and said something about them origonally being fearfull of mixing the boys and girls together, but that was the basic jist of it. after the assembly, we all went to our homerooms and during homeroom, Mrs. Vengaita had all of us lead someone arround. Meghan was assigned to a boy named Jake. Tabitha was assigned to a boy named Arron and i was assigned to Kade. since the rest of the day was devoted to us showing the boys arround, expesally to their classrooms, Meghan, Tabitha, Jake, Arron, Kade and I all kinda toured together. it was really fun! and ya know, Kade is kinda cute :) he has these really pretty blue eyes. and georgous brown hair that kinda falls into his face, but it isn't too long. i hate guys with really long hair, it bugs me. ;)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sorry and Big News!

Hi guys! sorry i haven't posted in awhile, but school hit kinda hard and i didn't get the chance. But now i have some free time to tell you about the big news at Innerstar University! Friday we had an all school assembly announcing that our Innerstar U partnered with Follow Your Star Academy, a local all boys school to form Follow Your Innerstar Academy! Half of the girls are being transferred to what was the Boy's school campus and half of the boys are coming here. their first day is Monday when they are having an orientation and we girls each get to show the boys around. luckily, Tabitha and Meghan, another friend of mine, are also staying at the Innerstar campus. things are different because the teachers also got split in half so my classes are a little different. but i will update Monday afternoon and let you know how it turned out