Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random Post

Wow, It's been awhile! this is kinda an update post, and kinda just a post of randomness. like this random fact: I FOUND MY GLASSES! I know you guys never knew they were lost (or even that I had them) but they've been missing since early-mid september, and I was getting mighty tired of needing to use my contacts without a choice.
in other news, we are no longer competing for chior, when we lost badly last time, we were disqualified from the next compititions. the school is having a talent show on April 8th and Mrs. Yati wants us all to partcipate in a solo, duet or trio, plus we are doing a group number. I am going to do a solo but I can't decide what song to sing. I am torn between Firework by Katy Perry, Live Like there's no Tomorrow by Selena Gomez or What Love Really Means, by JJ Heller (click here to listen to a sample) I am going to put up a poll, so please vote. this reminds me of the last talent show I sang in. It was about the same time as this one, and I sang a brand new song I had written about my mom dying two weeks earlier. which, now that I think about it...Nevermind, it's too sad to think of now.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


And here's a fun survey:
1. Full name: Brooklyn Paige Matthews
2. Age: 14
3. Hair color: Brown
4. Eyes color: Brown
5. Grade: 9th
6. Family: Meline, our guardian, and my sisters Josefina, Amanda, Felicity, Lanie, and Brooklyn. we also have a mom and Meline has other family, but they don't feel like mine
7. Pets: Licorice the cat, Sugar the dog and Lulu the bunny
8. Height: 5' 5"
9. Best Friends: Tabitha, Meghan and Mia
10. Hometown: not allowed to say,
11. Sport: swimming
12. Book: Percy Jackson Series
16. Music: Pop and Country
17. Food: Chocolate
18. Drink: Iced Tea
19. TV Show: Sonny with a Chance
20. Thing(s) to do: Hang out with friends and sisters, Sing
21. Music or movies: Movies
22. Democrats or Republicans: Republicans
23. Blue or pink: Purple!
24. New York or California: New York
25. Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus: Justin Bieber
26. Food or drink: Drink
27. Summer or winter: Summer
28. Team sports or solo sports: solo
29. Harry Potter or Twilight: Harry Potter. ok, i admit it, Mia's got me hooked
30. Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
31. Believe in God: YES!!!
32. Support abortion: NO!
33. Have a crush (if so, who?): nope!
34. Smoke: No
35. Have a driver's licence: no, not yet
36. Watch TV:yeah
37. Play any instruments: yes, guitar
38. Want to go to Harvard: no
39. Want to get married: yes
40. Get any magazines: yes
41. Hungry: no
42. Bored: not really
43. A Girl Scout/ Boy Scout/ Cub Scout: none
44. Christian/ Jewish/ Muslim/ Buddhist:Christian!
45. A serious student: yes
46. A serious athlete: no
47. Jealous of someone: no
48. Happy with your life: yeah, mostly
49. More of a leader or follower: both
50. Rich: yes and no.
51. Do you expect to repost this first: no idea
52. Do you least expect to repost this: whoever doesn't see it
53. Is the "hottest" person to you: David Henrie
54. Is the worst person ever, to you: Hitler ;
55. Would you like to have lunch with: Meghan and Tabitha, but sadly, it's Saturday ;)
56. Would you hate to be stuck in a room with:
57. Annoys you the most: Amanda
58. Do you fight with the most: Amanda
59. Would you like to kiss:
61. Been to Africa: no
62. Been on a date: no
63. Touched alcohol: no
64. Met a celebrity: no
65. Been away from parents for more than overnight: yes
66. Gotten grounded: yes
67. Cried in public: yes
68. Gotten homesick: no
69. Had a temper tantrum: maybe....
70. Skipped a homework assignment on purpose: alright, alright, I admit it!
71. Sport: cheer leading
72. Book: my science book
73. Color: gray
74. Animal: snakes
75. Movie: not sure
76. Music: rap
77. Food: Bananas
78. Drink: Coke
79. TV show: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
80. Thing to do: Science
*TOP 5*
81. Friends: Tabitha, Meghan, Kade, Mia and Kylie
82. Favorite memories: Winning the Talent show at my old school, Meeting my sisters,my first day at Innerstar U, our first Choir Competition, and the Winter Formal
Grossest things: Peanut butter on Bananas, tongue piercings, snakes, barf, stinky boys
84. Things you hate: nothing
85. Biggest accomplishments: winning the talent show
88. Family members: all my sisters
89. Dreams: to be a famous singer
90. People you admire: Francesca Battestelli , Meline, Sarah/Stephanswodadancer, my Youth Pastor, Jesus
91. Are you wearing now: jeans and a purple shirt
92. Do you collect: nothing
93. Are you listening to now: KLOVE radio online
94. Is on your shelf: my cell phone, and my school books
95. Color is your bedroom wall: turquoise
96. Credit cards do you have: none
97. Are you thinking about now: my answers
98. Do you think of people who seem to hate everything: not highly
99. Are you most afraid of: forgetting the lyrics
100. Did you think of this survey: it was long

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moving In

ok, well if you didn't read Mia's blog post about us boarding at FYISA, let me recap. our mom called Meline a couple weeks ago and told her that she wanted us all to start boarding at my school, Follow Your Inner Star Academy. all of us, Josefina, Amanda, Felicity and Lanie along with me and Mia. let's just say the weren't very happy about it. anyway, they agreed to go only if they were all together in a room, so the four of them got a 4 person room. Mia put in a room request and I remembered that Meghan had an extra bed in her room after her roommate switched schools over Christmas break, and decided to room with her.well, we moved in Sunday, and it isn't all that bad. i also realized i forgot to tell you about our choir competition Sunday.well, we didnt' do so good. Kade had a sore throat and couldn't come,so I had to do our duet with a boy named Jackson. unfortunatly, he didn't know song well enough, and combined with some other things, we placed 8th of 10. it obvously wasn't so good. we arn't sure when our next one is yet, but when we do, I will be sure to tell you