Sunday, February 6, 2011


And here's a fun survey:
1. Full name: Brooklyn Paige Matthews
2. Age: 14
3. Hair color: Brown
4. Eyes color: Brown
5. Grade: 9th
6. Family: Meline, our guardian, and my sisters Josefina, Amanda, Felicity, Lanie, and Brooklyn. we also have a mom and Meline has other family, but they don't feel like mine
7. Pets: Licorice the cat, Sugar the dog and Lulu the bunny
8. Height: 5' 5"
9. Best Friends: Tabitha, Meghan and Mia
10. Hometown: not allowed to say,
11. Sport: swimming
12. Book: Percy Jackson Series
16. Music: Pop and Country
17. Food: Chocolate
18. Drink: Iced Tea
19. TV Show: Sonny with a Chance
20. Thing(s) to do: Hang out with friends and sisters, Sing
21. Music or movies: Movies
22. Democrats or Republicans: Republicans
23. Blue or pink: Purple!
24. New York or California: New York
25. Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus: Justin Bieber
26. Food or drink: Drink
27. Summer or winter: Summer
28. Team sports or solo sports: solo
29. Harry Potter or Twilight: Harry Potter. ok, i admit it, Mia's got me hooked
30. Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
31. Believe in God: YES!!!
32. Support abortion: NO!
33. Have a crush (if so, who?): nope!
34. Smoke: No
35. Have a driver's licence: no, not yet
36. Watch TV:yeah
37. Play any instruments: yes, guitar
38. Want to go to Harvard: no
39. Want to get married: yes
40. Get any magazines: yes
41. Hungry: no
42. Bored: not really
43. A Girl Scout/ Boy Scout/ Cub Scout: none
44. Christian/ Jewish/ Muslim/ Buddhist:Christian!
45. A serious student: yes
46. A serious athlete: no
47. Jealous of someone: no
48. Happy with your life: yeah, mostly
49. More of a leader or follower: both
50. Rich: yes and no.
51. Do you expect to repost this first: no idea
52. Do you least expect to repost this: whoever doesn't see it
53. Is the "hottest" person to you: David Henrie
54. Is the worst person ever, to you: Hitler ;
55. Would you like to have lunch with: Meghan and Tabitha, but sadly, it's Saturday ;)
56. Would you hate to be stuck in a room with:
57. Annoys you the most: Amanda
58. Do you fight with the most: Amanda
59. Would you like to kiss:
61. Been to Africa: no
62. Been on a date: no
63. Touched alcohol: no
64. Met a celebrity: no
65. Been away from parents for more than overnight: yes
66. Gotten grounded: yes
67. Cried in public: yes
68. Gotten homesick: no
69. Had a temper tantrum: maybe....
70. Skipped a homework assignment on purpose: alright, alright, I admit it!
71. Sport: cheer leading
72. Book: my science book
73. Color: gray
74. Animal: snakes
75. Movie: not sure
76. Music: rap
77. Food: Bananas
78. Drink: Coke
79. TV show: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
80. Thing to do: Science
*TOP 5*
81. Friends: Tabitha, Meghan, Kade, Mia and Kylie
82. Favorite memories: Winning the Talent show at my old school, Meeting my sisters,my first day at Innerstar U, our first Choir Competition, and the Winter Formal
Grossest things: Peanut butter on Bananas, tongue piercings, snakes, barf, stinky boys
84. Things you hate: nothing
85. Biggest accomplishments: winning the talent show
88. Family members: all my sisters
89. Dreams: to be a famous singer
90. People you admire: Francesca Battestelli , Meline, Sarah/Stephanswodadancer, my Youth Pastor, Jesus
91. Are you wearing now: jeans and a purple shirt
92. Do you collect: nothing
93. Are you listening to now: KLOVE radio online
94. Is on your shelf: my cell phone, and my school books
95. Color is your bedroom wall: turquoise
96. Credit cards do you have: none
97. Are you thinking about now: my answers
98. Do you think of people who seem to hate everything: not highly
99. Are you most afraid of: forgetting the lyrics
100. Did you think of this survey: it was long

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  1. :) I love surveys! And you're one of my best friends too :)


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