Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random Post

Wow, It's been awhile! this is kinda an update post, and kinda just a post of randomness. like this random fact: I FOUND MY GLASSES! I know you guys never knew they were lost (or even that I had them) but they've been missing since early-mid september, and I was getting mighty tired of needing to use my contacts without a choice.
in other news, we are no longer competing for chior, when we lost badly last time, we were disqualified from the next compititions. the school is having a talent show on April 8th and Mrs. Yati wants us all to partcipate in a solo, duet or trio, plus we are doing a group number. I am going to do a solo but I can't decide what song to sing. I am torn between Firework by Katy Perry, Live Like there's no Tomorrow by Selena Gomez or What Love Really Means, by JJ Heller (click here to listen to a sample) I am going to put up a poll, so please vote. this reminds me of the last talent show I sang in. It was about the same time as this one, and I sang a brand new song I had written about my mom dying two weeks earlier. which, now that I think about it...Nevermind, it's too sad to think of now.


  1. aww. but im so happy your back! :)

  2. Sorry you lost :( Good to have you back though.
    ~ Kylie

  3. As others said, sorry about your mom, but I'm glad you're back. I missed your blogging. :)


  4. I'm sorry about your mom too. Welcome back to the blogging world though.


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